Networks, Automata, OddDates, and Amazon

It has been a while since my last update. This summer and year seem to be going by extremely quickly. I can’t believe soon we will be coming up on the end of July. It has been good so far. I’m getting to learn about new tools and programming languages in order to help with development of a summer project with some friends. For school, June was spent learning about circuit and packet switching, TCP vs. UDP, HTTP, FTP, data transfer, traceroute, packet sniffing, ALOHA protocol, network security…you get where this is going. It’s crazy that my college journey is finally coming to an end this year. Thanks Daniel, this definitely added some humor during study time.
ALOHA protocol
I’m very thankful I got to spend many days with Gloria before she left for Cordoba, Argentina. “Wands and wings, floaty crowny things!” (A Fairly OddDate reference, which is a Fairly Oddparents reference)

Thanks so much for bringing me lunch during my lab sessions 🙂

and this just because it’s one of my favorites. So beautiful.

I miss her very much, but she will be back soon enough so I will just pass the time by being extra productive and focusing on Automata Theory and my side project.

I had an interview last week with Amazon for the Software Developer Engineer position in Seattle, Washington. This was my first technical interview, and I admit that I was nervous, but I gave it my best shot so we will wait and see how it turns out. I should know pretty soon. Other than class, time spent with Gloria, side projects, and relaxing in Austin, I got to spend last weekend back home for Butka’s birthday celebration, and got to see some of the family and some friends. Good times, but hopefully my sister will be in town next time I go back home. I did find out that uptown Dallas is not really a good place to go…at least not for me anyways. For a while, I felt like I was back in West Campus. Oh well. It was still a great weekend.

My first experience going to Krispy Kreme

Summer has been pretty good so far. Both Chisom and Mario have come back to Austin to visit in the past few weeks, and I will soon be moving into very nice apartments in Austin. This weekend consisted of getting to play Melee again, a team meeting Friday evening, lunch with Mario and Uchenna, Church with Donah, David showing me how amazing Crysis 2 is on his PC, studying, relaxing at the apartment, and video chat with Gloria. Even though I am taking a tough class, things feel great right now. Brian, Braulio, Crystal, and everyone else, we will survive Automata Theory. oh I am on Google+ now, and I am really enjoying it a lot. I hope it lasts because I am liking it a lot so far. Well that’s about all for now. Until next time everyone. I should try to update a bit more frequently because I had to leave a lot out of this one so that it wouldn’t be too long of an update.

Music for this entry…thanks for this one Uchenna. I can’t stop playing this song.

These are for you Gloria 🙂

The Scott Pilgrim vs. The World version of By Your Side. The original version by Sade is infinitely better, but this version may have fit the flow of the movie better.

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