The year is winding down. 2012 has been eventful with many good and also very spirit testing moments. In the last few weeks, I’ve gotten to enjoy seeing Lupe Fiasco again in concert. Gloria and I were on the ground close to the stage, and I got to see just how rowdy people can become when trying to get to the front of the crowd. I also learned how territorial people get about their space, myself included.

We got the pleasant surprise. Bun B ended up being at the show as well.

Thanksgiving was a much needed break. It was good to see family and eat a nice home cooked meal.

Jessica was looking to get a camera from a Black Friday deal. It was my first experience with it, but everyone was peaceful and she was able to find what she was looking for.

After the victory, it was off to Cafe Brazil. I had been here before, but never for breakfast. It was quite good. If you are ever in the Richardson or Plano area, I recommend it.

FroYo has always been something I enjoyed, but I don’t really go too much anymore. I always make sure to make the most out of every chance I do get. Amber took me to a new place (or at least new to me) called Yumilicious in Richardson.

I also got to catch up with Andrea during the break. It has been quite some time, and her artwork has gotten even better.

I got to spend time with Gloria and her wonderful family. This pretty much sums up Gloria as I see her. Skates make her do funny things 🙂

Back in Austin, we helped Anita celebrate her birthday with a Birthweek at Uchi, Easy Tiger, and a brunch. It was an enjoyable week.

Fast fowarding a bit to Gloria’s graduation! Congratulations to her, making us all proud 🙂

It was a hectic December and weekend, but everything went smoothly. Remember to always provide. You never know who is depending on you (I need Breaking Bad to come back). Next entry will come this weekend, with heavy details about a friend’s engagement party, and my trip to San Francisco.

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