Sorry I am late with my usual Sunday update, but this weekend became a little busier than expected. Last week was rather uneventful. It was just the usual school/exams/projects. Life is moving so quickly. I can’t believe it is already April 2011. It has been a long road, but my college career should be coming to an end this year. I see big things in my future, and I have grown to love this city of Austin. I hope to remain here for as long as possible. For the first time, I had P Terry’s, and it was amazing. I am definitely going back.

This year I finally decided to go to Forty Acres Fest, and I was not disappointed. Uchenna, Ade, and I got to see Big Boi and Trae live. I has happy to hear some of the old Outkast material, in particular So Fresh So Clean.

I decided to go downtown Saturday night with the guys. It was a really good time. I definitely need more nights like that if possible. After some rough weeks with school and everything, it was good to unwind and relax.

It’s funny how the small choices can lead to big things. After class, I was trying to decide what to eat for lunch, and after deciding on Chipotle, the person standing in line looked so familiar. Then suddenly, she turned around. It was none other than The Suze. This led to a completely sudden and unplanned lunch reunion. It’s good to hear she is doing well. My how we have changed over the years. I hope I don’t get murdered for the first picture…

The above picture was taken around April of 2005, exactly 6 years ago. That was me, fresh out of the hospital after near death and down to 130 pounds, and her rocking the braces and sunglasses, treating me to ice cream after my long hospital stay. Here we are, March of 2011. This is me, fully healthy and weighing in at 200 pounds, and her, the cheerful and lovely graduate going through her busy day.

I have been missing out on the large amount of programming and software books at the PCL. I should have been coming to the 6th floor years ago. Here are just a few of the many books.

I have started my Android development….

Last Tuesday I realized something very important that goes against my normal logic and thought patterns. Some things are truly worth the wait, and patience is key in life. We shall see what happens from here. Until next time everyone.

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