The Week That I Deserved

This past week was amazing, and there is no other way to describe it. It was rough with 3 exams, but I made it through and one of my old roommates and closest friends came into town. Before the weekend, I am excited for my sister who was accepted into two schools and can transfer out of UTSA, and for myself being able to register for the last time in college. Finally my college years can come to an end and I can move on to the next level in life. Now on to the weekend. The first night out wasn’t so bad, but the next days were what made it truly great. A day trip to San Antonio to visit our sisters is always good. It was nice to see Jessica and Nwanne.

BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse…before this past weekend I had only been there twice, but the food and drinks are amazing so I will definitely be going back in the future. I recommend everyone try this place sometime if they can. The menu is great and fairly large, but I kept it simple and got the pulled pork sandwich.

The Strawberry Mojito was also a very well prepared drink.

After hanging out and saying our goodbyes, it was back to Austin for a great weekend conclusion. I don’t always like going downtown, but it can be a memorable experience with the right people. I was with a lot of people, and saw a lot more people downtown.

There are also those weird moments, like watching a girl climb into the passenger’s side of a police car for no reason…

Then without warning, you see your friend that moved to California and came in for the weekend, none other than Jackson

and then to make things even more interesting someone you grew up with that moved to Denver shows up in downtown Austin. Nice to run into Hugo

So we conclude the weekend with brunch on the west side of 6th street, bottomless mimosas for $7, a nice shot of Frost Bank Tower, and Project M

Project M demo….wow it felt like we got 5 new video games. I haven’t turned on my Wii in ages. This is not my match, but for any Super Smash Bros. Melee fans out there, here is a sample of the hard work the team behind this has put into making Brawl the game it should have been in my opinion.

Oh and gentlemen, please watch this. Biggest lesson: “You were too afraid of messing things up, and that messed things up!”


  1. Another weekend full of WIN!!! I need to get the Wii back from uchenna so I can play Project M

  2. Yeah…. so you were right… I DID enjoy that video.

  3. Man yall fools be making me mad all hanging out in atx without me and stuff lol

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