It has been another great week. I am just counting down the time until I can move to the next phase of my life. Before I get into the week, I’m looking forward to Transformers: Dark of the Moon on July 1, 2011. Hopefully this one won’t disappoint like the second film did. Something about the ignorant gold teeth wielding Autobots Mudflap and Skids as well as the plot as a whole rubbed me the wrong way.

Usually these things don’t bother me, but for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, it did. I still liked a lot of things about the movie though. I will give the third one a chance. They do make for generally good summer action films.

On Tuesday my M. Bison Psycho Crusher Shirt came in the mail. If you don’t know who Bison is and care to find out, you should probably go here

Well enough of my fanboy ways. I was happy to have a lunch reunion with Kelly (Sharpe-uh!). It has been a while and she will be leaving Austin soon, so it was much needed.

I also decided to drop by and visit Kiko and Yele this weekend. It has been a very long time and I had much catching up to do. Both will be done with school soon, and I am happy Kiko found a job. I spent most of my Saturday afternoon with them, and concluded with watching the first episode of Deadman Wonderland. This anime/manga is amazing, and I definitely recommend it.

Quote of the week: “People love to stay ignorant, but still share their opinion.” – Kiko Ramos
I showed him the large amount of programming books in the PCL (as I have been trying to advertise to everyone) and we came across this book in which I cannot identify the animal on the cover. Kind of creepy..

Speaking of jobs, soon I will be looking heavily for full-time jobs and preparing for some big upcoming interviews. I just have to effectively show them what I have to offer. The realization that I might not be in Austin or even in Texas a year from now sunk in this week, but if someday I had to move and start over, it could be very fun to build a new life in a new place. Instead of going downtown, I was treated to Creepshow, a classic horror film. The movie is older than I am but still very entertaining, so I thank Gloria for sharing that with me. Not much beats a good Saturday night movie at home. Her, Uchenna, and I attended Christ Community Church this morning. Thanks for the recommendation Patricia. I like this place. Well I hope everyone had a good week and a good Easter. I know I did. Take care for now and have a good upcoming week. I now have a subscribe button on the homepage to make things easier for the readers.

Song listened to a lot this week:
Specifics – Beach of Life (Dedicate to Nujabes)
“Check me out on the Beach of Life, Mellow Beats, Friends and Lovers, and many others, so many of us, try to exist in the beautiful…”


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