Maple Bacon Sundae?

This week has been good as usual. I am trying to not be overwhelmed by school work and the things I am reading for side projects, as well as spend time with those that will be leaving Austin soon. I wasn’t sure if and when this update was coming because I have been busy and focused on other important things, but I wanted to squeeze this in before things got really crazy. Last week was pretty good besides the fact that I haven’t been sleeping well. Anyways I was very happy to get a surprise visit from Gloria. It’s been a while since I have been challenged in Super Smash Bros. I don’t take it easy on anyone. The Agada Brothers taught me that.


After hitting the books all week, and staying up late to finish a project, I felt like I deserved a break. I got to catch up with Sally, Mona, Meaghan, and met Brittany. It has been a long time since I stopped by to visit. Now onto Saturday night. Renae got into law school, so we all joined her in celebration downtown.

David’s iPhone camera is really good…

Denny’s after downtown sounded good. David, Gloria, and I ended up getting to enjoy a very late meal….as well as the fear and slight disgust of this. Maybe it’s good, maybe it’s horrible, but I didn’t try the Maple Bacon Sundae….

Before I go on, I found out someone has not seen Pulp Fiction, and that person should be shamefacing all day because of it. It is my duty to fix this serious problem. To end the weekend, Anita treated me to Casey’s New Orleans Snowballs. It was pretty good, and nice to catch up.

Android + Street Fighter? Yes.

Last week of class. Let’s finish this. Time to get back to the alarming amount of things to do….I will leave you all with some Jay Electronica. Thanks Uchenna for sharing this with me.

Here is also a really good remix of Lupe Fiasco’s “Kick Push”, thanks to Jared for sharing.

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  1. Patricia Adesanya

    Caseys is my favorite snow cone place ever. I argued with Uchenna for days that it is better than snow beach…i think that’s the name.

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