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2017 has been an interesting year so far to say the least. I’ve been doing my best to keep in touch with people, endure the current political climate and divisiveness of the country, keep traveling, and looking to become a homeowner. During the winter break, I got to visit Matt’s parents. It has been over three years now, but the pain and loss are not forgotten.

Continuing onto 2017, I finally got to see Cara again after a while. Friends since the beginning of my time at UT adult and family life makes it harder to keep in touch, so it was great to finally catch up!

To start the year off, Gloria and I were to attend the destination wedding of Kathy and Simon in Montego Bay, Jamaica. We were joined by Gloria’s parents, our college friend TK, and her mom. After a relatively short flight, we safely made it to Jamaica. This was my 2nd time here.

We stayed at Iberostar Rose Hall Suites for the duration of the trip. All inclusive resorts have their pros and cons, a big con being that you won’t really fully experience the country you’re in if you don’t leave the resort, but they are usually very nice with friendly staff. After checking in and putting our luggage in our rooms, the first event was a semi-formal dinner at a reserved space in the resort.

Unrelated, before this trip I did a little over a month on the keto diet, and combining that with a normal workout/modo yoga routine ended up losing over 30 pounds. I’m back to my college size, and have been having success maintaining it!

After dinner, we found our way to a comedy/singing/performance still at the resort, but the real fun would be outside of the resort at Pier 1, a Jamaican restaurant/bar and night club. It was a great time, and all of the unlimited rum punch at the resort probably contributed…

Of high importance, I wanted to try some Jamaican jerked chicken. We had gotten several recommendations from friends and from our airport shuttle, but I saw a man with a grill cooking and selling on the side of the street. Being someone that travels frequently, and having a family from Nigeria, I know that someone buying food from someone selling on the street is a high risk/high reward, but one that I always try. I must say, it might have been the best chicken I’ve ever had :-O

Somehow I woke up feeling fresh the next morning (even after all of the rum punch), so it was time to enjoy the views and prepare for the wedding.

Some time was also spent at the sauna. This one in particular was 212 degrees Fahrenheit, and extra humid. I didn’t last too long in there.

As for the actual wedding ceremony, it was wonderful! Everything was prompt and orderly (unlike our own wedding). Everyone had a great time. Congratulations to Kathy and Simon! 🙂

We also got to spend a little time walking the beach at night. It’s very calming

The last morning was filled with Gloria and TK shenanigans

…and of course I got one more drink before the flight back to reality.

It was a very good trip to kick off the year. I still feel the same as before about all-inclusive resorts, but I do enjoy the chance to travel, and the celebrations during these destination weddings. To not fall behind, I’ve already started my post for our Japan trip during spring break. Until next time!

Song of the post: Falcxne – Feel Me

For some music history and discovery, the above samples the late Aaliyah’s Are You That Somebody:

For a final promotion, I discovered this the same way I discovered Sango. Gloria watches a lot of hair styling videos, in particular from beauty vlogger Jessica Pettway. Every single time, I always have to go “Hey Gloria! What’s that song? It’s amazing.” So on the strength of that alone, I’m going to help support her page:

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  1. Hair vidjoes!!!! I could do all-you-can-eat, all-you-can-drink again. I just need to be my parents. Unbothered

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